Krampus museum


In order to bring the visitors in the right mood, a short film of about 8 minutes does start the tour through the museum about the famous Krampus creature. This movie will give the visitors an overview concerning history and ongoing customs.



Afterwards the visitors will follow as narrow path which does guide them through the museum. The whole scenario is support by a variety of typical sounds concerning the Krampus run in Stallhofen. About 20 wooden masks representing the Krampus are exhibited in the museum.


Antiquity museum


For those who prefer less spooky topics, the connected Antiquity museum might suit best. Within this museum one can admire a huge variety of historic exemplars by focusing on Austria. Visitors will find for example different types of radios, uniforms, toys, china and daily tools which were common many years ago. Strictly speaking, a tour through this museum may seem like an inspiring trip towards the past.



Opening hours for the Krampus- and Antiquity museum: 1st of April to 30th of September


Entrance fees:

Adult: € 2.00

Child: € 1.00


Group discounts:

Adult € 1.80

Child: € 0.80



Advance reservation required


Ambrosi museum


This museum is named for the artist professor Gustinus Ambrosi. Gustinus has gained lots of popularity due to sculptures he made and poems he wrote. After Gustinus‘ death in 1975 the majority of his handiworks were brought together in order to get exhibited in his house in Stallhofen.



Parish church Stallhofen


The Parish church is hallowed in the name of Saint Nicolas. The church itself is surrounded by numerous rocks which date back to Roman times. These rocks were explored whilst a renovation took place.



Krampus cave


About 250 metres away from the Parish Church the Krampus cave is located. The reason for the existence of this cave is based on an old saying. It defines that the Krampus is forced to stay in this cave throughout the year until Saint Nicolas gets him out which is once a year in the beginning of December. Therefore, the cave is opened to the public from 30th of November until 6th of December every year.



Further museums


In Stallhofen one can also find a Carriage museum, a Tractor museum as well as a Customs museum.


Places of excursions near Stallhofen


200 m Ambrosi museum

2 km dripstone cave

5 km shooting range

10 km public pool area Baernbach; church Hundertwasser Baernbach; Union stud Piber

18 km hot springs Nova Koeflach

20 km swimming lake Piberstein; swimming lake Schwarzl

25 km alp Stubalm

30 km  open air museum Stuebing